Welcome to A Writer’s Eye

Looking for help in mastering the exciting but confusing world of writing and book publishing? Unless you are John Grisham or a celebrity caught in a scandal, you probably could use a helping hand…and a writer’s eye. So let A Writer’s Eye provide you the professional support, skills, or coaching you need in writing your book, editing it, evaluating it, or helping you market it.

At A Writer’s Eye, Kevin Quirk offers almost 30 years of professional writing experience and recent major book publishing success as an author and ghostwriter. He will bring A Writer’s Eye to your nonfiction book, your novel, your Book Proposal, or your inspired idea. Here is a brief outline of just how A Writer’s Eye can help you.

Writer & Ghostwriter
      Ghostwriting and collaborations
      Developing Book Proposals

Editor & Coach
      Editing, revising, and proofreading
      Book evaluations and critiques
      Literary agent searches and book marketing

Kevin Quirk thoroughly enjoys helping his clients accomplish their writing and book publishing goals, especially with books that make a difference in our lives and our world. He also values the relationships formed along the way. Getting your book published is not just about words and ideas. It’s also about hopes and dreams. When you take your project to A Writer’s Eye, Kevin Quirk will invest in your dreams with you!

Writer & Ghostwriter

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