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Editor & Coach

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In Kevin Quirk’s seminars on “Getting Your Manuscript Published,” he tells writers that excellent writing is only half the winning formula in getting a book published. The other half comes in thoroughly understanding the needs of the book publishing business and addressing those needs. A Writer’s Eye will help you sharpen your book presentations and guide you on when, where, and how to submit them for the best possible chance of success.

A Writer’s Eye will guide you in the process of seeking an agent and a publishing contract. And if you’re fortunate enough to get your book published, I will help you attract publicity for it to boost your marketing and sales efforts!

Editing, Revising, and Proofreading
Whether basic proofreading, careful line editing, detailed revisions, or the major work of a Book Doctor, A Writer’s Eye will help make your writing shine. A clearly organized and well-edited draft can separate an amateur writer from a professional. Kevin Quirk will work on nonfiction books, novels, novellas, short stories, website copy, scripts, articles, newsletters, or anything else you may be writing. Clients regularly report that his feedback provided more than what they expected! [top]

Book Evaluations and Critiques
Before you invest your time, energy, and money trying to get a book or shorter project published, you want to be sure that your writing is clear and solid, you’re offering something a publisher may want to print, and you have an audience who will want to buy it. Kevin Quirk will evaluate and critique your nonfiction book, novel, or book idea. He will provide a professional assessment of your book’s publishing potential, offer concrete ways to improve it, and coach you on finding your market. [top]

Literary Agent Searches and Book Marketing
OK, you’ve got a manuscript or proposal that’s really hot. What’s next? A Writer’s Eye will help you target a carefully-researched list of literary agents and/or book publishers and coach you on the right way to submit your book project to them. If you are considering self-publishing your book independently or through one of the rapidly growing online publishing options, Kevin Quirk will coach you on the best possible fit.

Now, when you get your book published (congratulations!), you will find that whether you have a commercial publisher or have self-published, the prime force in marketing your book is you. Relax. Kevin Quirk will draft eye-catching press releases designed to capture the media’s attention, using his experience from working in the media for 12 years and directing his own overwhelmingly successful publicity campaign for his book NOT NOW, HONEY, I’M WATCHING THE GAME, which was featured by hundreds of national TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper outlets, including ABC’s 20/20, Redbook, Sports Illustrated, and The Washington Post. [top]

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