Fees and Arrangements

Fees & Arrangements

At A Writer’s Eye, Kevin Quirk is committed to providing authors and professionals from diverse backgrounds with writing, ghostwriting, editing, and coaching services at reasonable and affordable rates. He also is dedicated to clear communication in all agreements and expectations.

Writer & Ghostwriter Fees
For ghostwriting and collaborations, Kevin Quirk usually works on a project fee that would be agreed upon together after a detailed assessment of the needs of the project. Book Proposals and press releases can be written either on a project basis or an hourly fee. Please understand that I do not work on speculation. If you are unable to afford a professional to write your story, I’d be happy to provide a free 15-minute phone consultation on how you can write it yourself.

Editing & Coaching Fees
Kevin Quirk works on an hourly rate for editing, revising, or proofreading books and other projects. Rates for book evaluations and critiques are determined by page count. Coaching related to navigating the book publishing world also is at an hourly rate. With A Writer’s Eye, you will always be quoted a ceiling estimate, meaning your total fee cannot exceed the estimated total. But if the project takes fewer hours than estimated, you pay only for the actual hours worked.

Let’s Discuss Your Project!
When you contact A Writer’s Eye for your writing or book publishing needs, Kevin Quirk will go over the specific fees and arrangements that would apply to your particular project. You will find all his rates competitive with comparable services, and you will appreciate his flexibility in how he works. You will find that Kevin Quirk offers a rare combination of professional experience as author, ghostwriter, editor, teacher, writing coach, and publishing seminar leader, as well as his added life perspective as a professional counselor. When you call or e-mail, you can share the nature of your writing project… and your dreams. Let’s see what we can co-create together!

Links for Writing & Publishing
As you begin to learn about the world of writing and publishing, you may find it helpful to explore some websites that offer additional guidance and support. Here are a few ideas:


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