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Do you have a great book idea and solid professional credentials in your field, but lack the writing experience and the voice to effectively communicate your message? Do you have an inspirational story to tell but find the prospect of writing it much tougher than talking about it? Does the idea of developing a marketable Book Proposal intimidate you? Here at A Writer’s Eye, Kevin Quirk will be the messenger to help bring your ideas, experience, and expertise to the people you most want to reach in the book publishing world.

Ghostwriting and Collaborations
It’s no secret that many successful authors have a ghostwriter or collaborator to help them write their books. For first-time authors especially, book publishers often expect it. The professional assistance of a good writer can provide the edge you need in landing a literary agent, attracting a publisher, earning a solid advance, and selling your book to the widest possible audience. As a ghostwriter or collaborator, Kevin Quirk not only provides his writing expertise but also his ability to quickly grasp the needed direction and voice for your book, as well as his listening ear, his enthusiastic support, and his full commitment to your growth as an author!

Kevin Quirk will consider ghostwriting or collaborating on any book or project, with special expertise and interest in: Memoirs, self-help, psychology, spirituality, politics, relationships, men’s and women’s issues, business, biographies, health, and current events. He particularly enjoys lending his support as writer, ghostwriter, or collaborator to books that can reach people and make a real difference in our lives and in our world. [top]

Developing Book Proposals
Agents and book publishers reject more than 90% of all books and proposals submitted to them. Often, they hardly take the time to read them thoroughly. How can you make sure that your book gets the full attention it deserves? Insiders will tell you that clear, professional Book Proposals can sometimes make all the difference.

A Writer’s Eye will help you organize, write, or edit this critical resource to enhance your chances of securing a book contract. Kevin Quirk will also give you tips on how to navigate the often confusing terrain of dealing with literary agents and publishers, so that you feel confident and secure that your book will be in good hands. [top]